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Meet the Sunrock Group

At The Sunrock Group, we’re proud to be a family owned and operated, professionally managed organization. The family members and the management and staff are personally dedicated to the long term growth and success of The Sunrock Group. Our goal is to be the preferred supplier, employer and neighbor in the communities in which we operate.

The experiences we have had over the course of more than 65 years have prepared us to exceed the expectations of today’s customer. I am proud of Sunrock’s dedicated and highly skilled workforce. Without their talents our continued success would not be possible.

The Sunrock Group is a seasoned company, fired with talent, enthusiasm and ambition. By bringing together the specialized talents of management, marketing and manufacturing, The Sunrock Group is recognized as a leading supplier of aggregates, recycled aggregates, asphalt and concrete products. These products are vital to the construction of highways, airports, sewers, waterworks, commercial and residential building and railroads.

We understand the requirements of these markets and have reacted to meet their needs. Our products provide the basic building blocks for the extremely high quality of life and mobility that Americans enjoy.

The Sunrock Group looks to the future with a management team that combines both experience and youth, eager to explore new ways of serving our customers. Please read below to learn more about the senior leadership team that is guiding our company in its goal of continued smart growth. This website will give you an excellent overview of who we are, what we do and how we can be of service to you.

Bryan M. Pfohl
CEO & Chairman

The Senior Leadership Team of Sunrock

Gregg W. Bowler
Chief Financial Officer
With the company since 2010

Elisabeth A. Pfohl Sasser
Executive Vice President
With the company since 2004

Katherine M. Pfohl
Executive Vice President
With the company since 2004

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  • Our mission is to be the preferred supplier, employer, and neighbor in the communities that we serve.