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Carolina Sunrock Uxbridge Facility in Ontario

The Sunrock Group has acquired an existing quarry with 1,400 acres of high quality aggregate reserves located in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada from Brazil based Votorantim Cimentos’s North American business unit Canada Building Materials/St. Mary’s Cement.

The newly acquired reserves will allow The Sunrock Group to supply high quality construction materials to the Greater Toronto Area.

The Sunrock Group’s expansion into the Ontario, Canada construction materials market will expand the company’s footprint in North America and further grow the company’s position as a major producer of construction materials. According to Bryan Pfohl, the Sunrock Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: “The Sunrock Group is looking forward to building a strong Canadian company in the Greater Toronto Area that is poised to supply high quality aggregates to construction projects throughout that market.”

The Sunrock Group will do business in Canada through its entity; Sunrock Canada Construction Materials ULC.

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