Sunrock Locations and Product Offering

Sunrock Locations and Product Offering

Our New Website: Designed With You In Mind

At Sunrock, we are dedicated to building and connecting with the communities we live and work in. Our new website is just one of the ways we are making it easier to connect with us. Our new website is fully responsive, which means that our employees and customers in the field will have access to important information at their fingertips. Information like clickable phone numbers and driving directions for locations and contact information for our customer service and sales managers. We’ve even integrated our product calculators for use on mobile devices so you can make easy calculations for products right from a job site.

Using Technology To Recruit Top Talent

We have also integrated a new jobs board onto our website. Our job openings are now displayed in a way that is not only easy to view on mobile, but also easy to share across social media platforms. This means that if you find a job opening that isn’t the best fit for you, but is a great fit for someone you know, you can easily get them the job information.

Sunrock’s Historical Timeline and Core Values

We’re proud to be in business for 69 years, starting out in the Western New York area and now serving North Carolina for 30+ years.  While we continue to look to the future, we must also remember the steps we’ve taken to become to company we are today.  Check out our Historical Timeline that lists some of our company’s milestones over the past 7 decades, and the Core Values that drives our goals as a company.

Sunrock: Building Community

We value our community and would love to hear any feedback that you may have about our new site. Feel free to fill out our contact for or give us a call at 1-855-OUR-ROCK

  • Our mission is to be the preferred supplier, employer, and neighbor in the communities that we serve.

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